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Ice Cream and Sexuality

Posted on May 6, 2018

Genesis 2:18-25

Pastor Mike Hodges

The ingredients in ice cream, when used as the creator intended, are not harmful but wonderful. Same with sexuality.


  1. We were not created to be alone.



Honor singleness

Promote friendship


  1. Celebrate the Biblical understanding of sexuality.


Sexual identity is a bodily thing, not based on feelings.


Created to complement each other in so many ways.


  1. Sexual intercourse is a result, even a reward, of your marital unity.


Waiting for sex until marriage:

  1. Will make your relationship better.
  2. Will increase your self-respect.
  3. Will give you a clear conscience.
  4. Will give you a better sexual relationship in marriage.
  5. Will take some of the pressure off you to make certain choices.


Sexuality – use it as God designed and it will be better than ice cream.